Track sources

Here is  a totally new section that will host the original sequencer files for all my music.

I’m starting the releases from the older end, in the first pack are all my Dream Station files, which means my tracks from both Summamutikka albums, as well as some random unfinished tracks, test patterns & so on.

The Book of Lost Talents, chapter one: Summamutikka

These are easy to try out, since the .DSS  files are self contained, so you don’t need any external plugins to play them (not that Dream Station even supported those…). Dream Station version 1 can be downloaded free from the Audio Simulation website. Dream Station is VERY lightweight and the UI is small, so it’s optimal for small laptops and such, if I recall correctly, my tracks were all made with an 500mhz pentium or something like that.

Here is the first track of Aarnimaa, and one of my most popular tracks, Kääpiö Saaren Salaisuus.
You’ll need the free Psycle tracker first to load the file. Also you’ll need some very old VSTs that are not easy to find, I have included them in the download, they were all originally freeware, and the developers mostly have removed these old versions from their homepages, or gone out of business completely. So this makes it easier for you to load the files.

This one, Talvenkulma, was created with only the internal Psycle generators. So no VSTs or samples used. I think it was some kind of puristic artistic challenge for me at the time. I have been planning to make a new version of this for a long time, I love especially the ending of the tune… One upside of using the internal generators without samples is filesize: the whole sone takes only about 200 kilobytes! Less than two seconds of CD quality sound fit in that space uncompressed… The song is about ten minutes :)

Happy Hacking!

8 Responses to Track sources

  1. Eugene says:


    I have noticed, that in these .DSS files almost a half of all instruments are samples created elsewhere!

    If it’s possible, could you please also mentioned which additional sound synthesis software did you use back in the days which samples you used to much in the songs?

    It would really help me to solve many puzzles in my quest.

    And thanks again for your contribution!

    PS. I have found some .psy files of yours are still available on
    But that’s another story..

    • taikakim says:

      I think I did some (at least all the detuned saws) with the first version of Reaktor in some synths I put together… Also I did the kind of phaser-y sounds with an ensemble I built for that purpose with a filterbank. Also did some samples by hand in Soundofrge by mixing and overlapping oscillator sounds from Dreamstation.
      Some sounds are from an Electribe EA-1, and a Kawai K1-II (I think). I’m not even sure anymore if I had a Waldorf Microq and Darkstar at that time, but there might be something from those too, altough likely not… Sold all that digital stuff quite fast afterwards when the VSTs started to catch on.

  2. Eugene says:

    I think I have mainly found the answer by myself..

    In the interview with yourself, which can be found at, I have discovered, that you used “russian Orangator” a lot to create samples!

    I, myself, was discovering various synthesizing software of “those days” and have found Orangator and particular and it became my favorite! It is so powerful – has like unlimited oscillators, various fx effects and even an internal tracker. The most powerful stand alone synth from those days that I have met so far!
    And I was wondered so much that it seemed to have so few appreciation.. Now things seem to have settled after reading the interview! :)

    And of course, still, feel free to mention any other software and share with your presets!


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