Fair trade t-shirts

OK, I found a cache of the 2008 t-shirts, now going for a discount!

Shirts are stencil painted and silkscreened by me, so 100% elektro fluoro punk quality assured ;)

The paints are pretty high quality, and should take washing quite well, preferably in 40c. Some of the colours in the silk screen prints are fluoro, some are not. All stencil painted and splashed paints are fluoro though.

All shirts are fair trade, meaning the producers get paid better than usual, and possibly the ecological point of view is better considered. They are cotton, in the future if there will be more shirts, I’ll try to go for bamboo, hemp, or something more ecological…

Prices are  19€ for any shirt + postage, contact me for the total.

Note the shirts have a number associated with them, use that when making an order to differentiate between them.


8: Ladyfit M

9: Ladyfit M

10: Ladyfit M

17: Mens’ S

19: Ladyfit M

20: Ladyfit M

21: Ladyfit M

23: Ladyfit M

24: Ladyfit M

27: Ladyfit S

28: Ladyfit M

29: Ladyfit M

32: Mens’ M

33: Mens’ S

34: Mens’ S

36: Mens’ S

38: Unisex fit S

2 Responses to Fair trade t-shirts

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  2. Odd Bird says:

    Excellent work indeed !!

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