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Aavepyörä audio crafting #3 – Physical filters

Hello! Have you ever lamented how all synth sounds are so similar in timbre? And how sometimes using effects still fail to lose that uni-sound digital sheen on everything? Today I will teach you the single most effective way to bring … Continue reading

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Aavepyörä audio crafting #2 – Image editing of sounds

Hello, and welcome to the second installment of my audio crafting series. This series aims to teach you about the fine craft of sound design by hand, and promote free non-commercial tools. Ever wondered how it would be to be able to … Continue reading

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Aavepyörä audio crafting #1, intelligent drum replacement

For some time I have been thinking about starting to write a series of inspirational journal entries about creative sound design. I assume that you are familiar with all functions of your DAW, as well as other basic sound processing methods. Sometimes you might … Continue reading

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