The roots of Aavepyörä go back to 1994 and the legendary Imukone-crew, from whom Heikki is now the only member left. Along the years, people came and went, Aavepyörä was born, more people came and went (me joining in around ’99), and now, in 2011 it’s mainly me, Taika-Kim writing the music. Summamutikka was my old project from the times when I wanted to keep the goa sound separate from Aavepyörä releases. Jani made a comeback on Bizarroworld with some proper space age oldschool trance, and there’s rumours of more coming…

We have always been pro free culture, hence all the music has been distributed for free.

I have been performing in such diverse countries as Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Belgium, Lithuania and Hungary, and everywhere I go I try to bring my philosphy of freedom and love with me. The music is said to be heartfelt and genuine, and I strive to keep it such.

Inspiration from my part comes from C64 music, oldschool goa, 80s electronic stuff, the 90s tracker scene, and the folk music of the nations of our world. And every day, every moment of my life something is thrown into the kettle, and the sound keeps mutating and growing into something else…

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