AVP Saves the world… Once again.


On the path between Inegen and Tyungur.

In the past year I flew a few times, and rode buses, trains and cars in order to bring my beats to you, my dear lovely people.

This all is bad mojo for the planet, so it’s again time to offset some of this.

So I paid 50€ to Luonnonperintösäätiö, a non-profit foundation that buys off land for protection in Finland, with the emphasis on old growth forests. While to outsiders Finland may seem like the magical country of old forests and trolls, almost no old forests stand anymore elsewhere than the most northern parts of the country.  In South Finland, less than 0,5% of the forests can be classified as old (150+ years), and only about 5% in the whole country. Here’s a good article about the situation with an English summary by Ilkka Hanski, one of the most (if not the most) respected ecologists of the country.

Kyöpelinvuori/ Witches' Mountain.Photo Otso Ovaskainen/ Luonnonperintösäätiö

Kyöpelinvuori/ Witches’ Mountain.
Photo Otso Ovaskainen/ Luonnonperintösäätiö

Also I sent 75$ to The Altai Project, an US based non-profit working under the Earth Island Institute. They do invaluable work in protecting the fragile and unique nature of the magical Altai mountain country.

While this may not be much, it’s still a gesture, and as they say, small streams flow down into big rivers…

The powers against our Mother Earth are strong and relentless, and they will stop at absolutely nothing except the peoples’ unwillingness to let the destruction go on. Just as an example, the location of Khan Altay has now been destroyed completely, and the land around the area is for sale. I had a hard time facing this last winter, my heart just can’t accept the fact that a few powerful individuals can choose to do such things. So, before “the massive tourist potential” of the Altai area is harnessed, there still are possibilities for protecting this unique land. More sad pics from the location are at Dmitry’s blog.

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Katso kukkaa for sale again!

Yes, yes, yea!

The new pressing has arrived, and the order info for Katso kukkaa is again up at the album page.

So the album is for sale again!

I will start mailing replacements to the people who ordered the album in the summer in the next days, I will contact all people first to ensure the mailing addresses are still the same.

Collector notice: there were about 40 discs sent out with the flowers in the few days I had the sales up in the summer. The older albums like Aarnimaa and Goddess Guerrilla are going for insane prices now from what I’ve heard, so you might want to consider putting those albums in a safe place ;)

Vien kanssa myöhemmin tällä viikolla Cyber Shopiin ja Edenin puutarhaan uusia levyjä myyntiin, sekä vaihtolevyjä niille, jotka ostivat kesällä viallisen. Päivitän erikseen sitten kun tavara on kaupassa.

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Yes, finally the stars are right, and all stuffs are at the factory. I had to change the manufacturing plant for this second batch, and I was lazy too, so this took a bit long.
They announced from the factory, that the CDs should arrive at my doorstep on either the first or second week of January, it’s hard to predict on holiday season accurately…

But, I guess I’m feeling generous again, I will just ship replacements to all who bought the damaged version, for free. So no need to write up to me or antything, I will mail out the new versions to all customers as soon as I can!

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Aura of Goa 23.11. @ Club Venue

Yeaaaaai, Ticon pelasi aika varman päälle, ei noissa biiseissä paljon riskejä tai taiteellisia vapauksia otettu, mutta toimi silti niinkuin sveitsiläinen kello :) Todellinen voittaja oli joka tapauksessa itselleni Darth Phader, ysärin alkupuolen proto-trance oli jotain aivan mahtavaa, sääli etten kuullut setistä kun lopun. Ja Golanin lopetus oli kanssa aivan mahtava, hauska kuulla goaakin goabileisä välillä.

Itse soitin sekaisin matskua uudelta albumilta ja lisäksi uudelleenmasteroituja versioita vanhoista Summamutikan biiseistä, joista olen siivonnut hermoille käyvää pilipalimeininkiä vähän pois… Noistakin ehkä tulossa joku julkaisu joskus, kun ehdin vähän kokeilemaan noita bileissä. Kiitos kaikille läsnäolleille energioista tanssilattialla!

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Thank you Floopy & the desert 16.11.!

So, shame about the situation, but for those few who came, it was still a great party, I had fun playing a lot of old material that I never play usually, and also new mixes of old Summamutikka tracks (I believe there’s a release coming of those sometime in the future…). And also it was great hearing for once something like 12 hours of pure oldschool goa only!

I have a few pics, I’ll upload them when I get back home.


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Hello every bodies!

The re-pressing of the CD has been delayed again, now I have all the funds but for several weeks my computer has been broken, now waiting to fix that so I can prepare the new masters. So probably it will be already December when I finally can start selling the album. But let’s hope the sales will be running before we run out of world on the 21st…

I made a playlist for videos of my shows, and now am missing horribly the summer-y festival atmosphere… Lucky me, next weekend on the 16th in Israel there will be a special oldschool party, I have made some remixes of old Summamutikka tracks for that one… So prepare for deluxe morning acid mayhem!

Also, notice that I am no longer in Facebook, and don’t manage the Aavepyora page there either! Facebook is evil, this was the only way to deal with that…

So for all enqueries, booking, friendship & love, either email or Skype me.

Also, found this interview from the Amanita party with Pleiadians. Ouch, listen at heawy acssent :D

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CD Problems

Ok, it seems that for reasons yet unclear (probably damaged CDR master, from which the glass master for replication is an exact copy), there are errors on CD1 of Katso kukkaa, I’ll investigate this when I get back home in August, but judging from the jumps in tracks 4, 6 and 8, and the crackling in tracks 9 and 10 of the pirated Russian release, I’ll need to re-replicate the disc if all of them are really similarily damaged. So probably people who want the new disc will at least have to pay at least the postage, since already this project has swallowed huge amounts of money from my personal budget :P

So if anybody can duplicate these phenomena and report back to me, I would be most happy:

Track 4, 2:53 jumps
Track 6, 1:15, 3:58, 6:24, 7:18 jumps
Track 7, 0:40 jumps
Track 8, 0:05 jumps
Crackling until the end of the album starting at track 9, 2:40

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