I am no longer available in Facebook. I hate the place, it’s evil.

When contacting for booking, try to be a few months in advance if possible, I have a job now, and travelling takes planning and organising more than usually.

You can email me at  emailkuva

Skype : taika-kim

GSM +358 41 5012 604

Mail address: (send me nice things! and I’m always super prepared for oldschool pen & paper correspondence!)

Kim Ake

Palsamipolku 4b

02770 Espoo


One Response to Contact

  1. Oz Harel says:

    bro your music is amazing i just purchased your cd for 10 euro and i really hope to see u in israel
    , i have much respect to music from finland it starts from the metal-rock artists to the trance
    take care and keep doing this amazing music
    yours Oz Harel

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